Wenig bekannte Fakten über elektroauto laden nuernberg.

Not really wowed by these news, but admittedly my expectations were high and it is of course a huge step forward from 2016. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s news. I’m hoping for another new EV from Nissan alongside the 2017 LEAF. And that the new design for the latter is something modern and less boring than a Pulsar, which looked a bit outdated even as it welches introduced..!

The Austrian models are not equipped with a PTC pre-heater for the traction battery. Austria is in the temperate climate zone. This Radio-feature is only present rein the Nordic climate zone.

Ich denke, dass man Dasjenige nicht so einfach 'freischalten' kann. Ansonsten sobald doch, dann lediglich, sowie du sie gekauft hast zumal ehrenamtlich auf die Garantie verzichtest

Dasjenige ist nicht korrekt, das TM3 kann intern zwei lader zusammenschalten. Dadurch ist es möglich 32A einphasig nach laden. Hinein Deutschland sind jedoch höchstmöglich 20A Erlaubt das ist korrekt. Die Leistung kann man jedoch in dem Fahrzeug problemlos auf 20A reduzieren.

Hi Jon, don't Beryllium upset if they replace it with a silver one. They haven't been replacing with blue for some months now

I'm sure the letter posted on the RZOC site mentions a build date after which the update welches already applied in the factory. From memory it was mid-2016, so all ZE40 models should already Beryllium running the latest firmware.

The honest answer is I don't know. I don't even know if the LBC (the compy in the battery) is the same with only a few new parameters. Maybe somebody with a 90 model can post their LBC numbers, but that would tonlos not Beryllium conclusive. Does the "RZOC document" give any guidance?

Anyway, that aside, this could Beryllium good news for me (sorry)! I have been thinking that upgrading my existing battery would perhaps not Beryllium great, given that the new battery welches supposed to have the "heating" function and also because my existing ZOE is an "R" model, so wouldn't benefit from faster charging times.

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Really want to get up and running with canze but my old single doesn't work and choosing the right one seems like a minefield.

Damit sich unser voller Akku solange bis dahin so entfernt leert, dass die Ladung dort mindestens noch mit akzeptabler weiter lesen Leistung beginnt, Rasenplatz wir mit irrwitzigen 120km/h über die Autobahn und besuchen mit ca. 60% SOC an.

Doch prägnant Dasjenige ist ungewiss und stellt bei keinem der auf dem Markt erhältlichen Modelle ein Barrikade dar.

Another explanation might be that the new chemistry is not only throttling power levels @ temperature but also usable capacity. It's all quite confusing to be honest. Click to expand...

For me driving must be fun and I don’t want to spend to much time on charging on the road so based on specs and expected pricing in my opinion the Bolt is better for my situation.

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